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In 1964 the first Lavro fiberglass driftboat came about. In an effort to reinvent the poor reputation of the earlier drift boats, founder Ron Laviguere produced a more durable and lasting design. These new riverboats were highly maneuverable able to withstand constant collisions with the countless rocks of the Pacific Northwest rivers.

Lavro opened the “Rockies” to our line of Fly Fishing drifters, while providing comfort and new access to the ease of Fly Fishing. The forward knee brace deck and level casting platform were just a few of the new fishing innovations.

In the early 1980’s, Lavro developed a Whitewater line, capable of enduring some of the roughest class five rivers in world. The “White Water Touring Dory”, can be best described as half drift boat half submarine. This highly capable 16’ boat comes standard with a self-bailing drainage system and a ballast tank; capable of draining the entire cockpit in less than 30 seconds. Along with the water tight storage compartments, these WTD boats became the elite alternative to the unprotected raft.

To this day Lavro continues to manufacture 16 different models, ranging from the simplest 11’ small fry drift boat to the conquering White Water boats. We currently manufacture and sell directly to you, eliminating the costs associated with the middle man and dealerships.

To reinforce our promise of a top quality product and attest to our warranty, vigorous testing is continuously being performed.

Here at LAVRO, we have developed our boats over the years by testing and retesting. They are not placed on the market until the professional boat users approve them. Good boat designs can be copied, but you cannot imitate quality; it must be built in the boat. If you want to know which boats stand out among the rest, talk to the fishermen who run them.